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Coffee to go from the coffee shop. Quick briefing from colleagues. Off to the kick off meeting. Yes! Good feedback. Quickly to the fast food restaurant - through the drive-though and a big size menu with cheeseburger and Chicken McNuggets. Mobile out and call the babysitter. After work party with all you can eat buffet. Small talk. Business as usual!

English is part of our everyday life and we encounter it at every twist and turn. Whether at school, at university, in your job or just normal everyday life: English is the number one global language. Especially in professional life, good English skills are increasingly becoming a “must have”. Would you like to learn English too? Or refresh and expand your English skills? No problem! Here at inlingua Cologne you will receive professional English training from native speakers. You can choose from numerous types of courses, and so you receive exactly the right training for you and your schedule. Of course we will help you to choose the right course! You are very welcome. At inlingua Cologne!

English examinations

Our English courses prepare you for many important examinations that are recognised worldwide. inlingua Cologne is a licensed examination centre for telc, TOEFL and TOEIC language examinations. So either take your examination with us immediately or after one of your English courses and be fully prepared! Once you have reached a suitable level you can also take an inlingua examination and therefore receive formal certification of your current language skills. 

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For you and for us it is important to determine your exact language level. With the help of the inlingua placement test we will find out together.

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