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Understanding and being understood.

When dealing with business partners from abroad, school knowledge of foreign languages is often not sufficient. With the interpreting service provided by inlingua Cologne you avoid misunderstandings and mistakes in your business communication.

Any language, any occassion, any situation

You have an important appointment with a foreign business partner? You have to conduct sales negotiations with overseas? Or organize an international conference, a congress? Our interpreters translate for you in all languages, no matter what the occasion. Depending on the room or discussion situation, we offer you different types of conference interpreting. So you can concentrate fully on your event.

  • Simultaneous interpreting: Ideal for larger events, meeting, press conferences or meetings of the European Works Concil.  größere Veranstaltungen, Tagungen, Pressekonferenzen oder Versammlungen des Europäischer Betriebsrats. The interpreters are located here, there are always two per language, in a soundproof booth and transmit the speaker's content via microphone simultaneously into the desired target language. Provided professional simultaneous technology is used, participants of different nationalities can be provided with several languages at the same time.
  • Consecutive interpreting: Ideal for social occassions, dinner speeches etc. In consecutive interpreting, the speech and translation follow each other at sentence intervals, i.e. the interpreter remembers the speaker's text or takes notes and translates during the speaker's pause or after the end of the speech.
  • Whisper interpreting: Ideal for one-on-one conversations. This category of simultaneous interpreting might be familiar to you from TV, when politicians of different nationality are speaking. The interpreter sits closely behind or next to the participant and "whispers" the text simultaneously into their ear.

Nothing replaces experience

To speak a language perfectly is one thing, knowing specific vocabulary and cultural details the other. Therefore, our state-approved interpreter do not only have years of job experience, they are also highly specialized in their field. Addtionally, they know the culture of "their" language perfectly, either because they are native speakers or they have spent several years in the concerned country. In other words: We support your business communication professionally, eloquently - and with the highest level of discretion.

Perfect technology for successful translations

Especially with simultaneous interpreting the success is highly depending on the used technology. We offer professional support to you - from headphones with infrared technology to wireless systems, depending on the number of participants. Just ask us!

By the way: Of course we are also your competent partner for your written translations. Either way: Just send us your request via e-mail or give us a call. We are happy to make you an offer!

We are here for you.

You still have questions or you would like to be advised? Get to know us personally and make an appointment or give us a call at 0221 2575790.

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