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Would you like to take a trip to China? Do a degree in Holland? Or perhaps take a trip to Portugal? At inlingua Cologne you can learn (almost) every living language in the world. Choose between intensive one-to-one training and communicative small group classes with 3 to 6 participants, usually of different nationalities. Naturally we also talk about the country’s typical customs and traditions.

These courses are suitable for both beginners and advanced students. They are ideal for anyone who wants to communicate with friends or is planning a trip. You can learn to ask and answer questions and read and understand simple texts, signs and instructions. You decide when, where and how often the training takes place. Our language courses prepare you for many important examinations that are recognised worldwide. inlingua Cologne is a licensed examination centre for telc language examinations. So either take your examination with us immediately or after one of your language courses and be fully prepared! Once you have reached a suitable level you can also take an inlingua examination and therefore receive formal certification of your current language skills. We ensure you reach your goal using the tried and tested inlingua method . Do you have further questions? Please do not hesitate to call us!

Types of courses:

Dates, session times and prices

  • Portuguese
  • Brazilian
  • Russian
  • Greek
  • Turkish
  • Dutch
  • Hungarian

Dates, session times and prices

  • Arabic
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Polish

Dates, session times and prices

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For you and for us it is important to determine your exact language level. With the help of the inlingua placement test we will find out together.

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