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You want to learn German and improve your language skills? Seize the time to improve your German – comfortably from home. In the live lessons you learn how to speak confidently and you train your pronounciation. The lessons are taught by qualified, native-speaking trainers. The online German classes at inlingua in Cologne start from scratch every month. Practical: In addition to your language training you receive tasks to improve the learning content aside from the course. And in case you miss one date, you can catch up with the video recording of the lesson.

NEW (& FREE FOR OUR INTENSIVE DAILY CLASSES): Use our Dual Classroom for all our German classes - decide for yourself: participate sometimes in the center, sometimes online!

Online German class with live lessons

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  • One-on-one or Dual-training (1-2 participants)
  • Small group classes (3-6 participants)
  • Closed company course (up to 6 participants)

Testimonials by our course participants:

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Neus on her course experience (in Spanish): 

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Course overview German online courses for beginners


Course overview German online courses in the evening

name start time grade price
rahden 07.02.2023 Tue./Thu., 5:30pm - 7:00pmA1.2 from 245,00€*
preetz 07.02.2023 Tue./Thu., 7:10pm - 8:40pmA1.2 from 245,00€*
neufra 14.02.2023 Tue./Thu., 5:30pm - 7:00pmA2.1 from 245,00€*
jörl 06.02.2023 Mon./Wed., 7:10pm - 8:40pmA2.1 from 245,00€*
castell 07.02.2023 Tue./Thu., 7:10pm - 8:40pmA2.1 from 245,00€*
ramstein 14.02.2023 Tue./Thu., 7:10pm - 8:40pmA2.2 from 245,00€*
leck 13.02.2023 Mon./Wed., 7:10pm - 8:40pmB1.2 from 245,00€*
polch 06.02.2023 Mon./Wed., 5:30pm - 7:00pmB1.2 from 245,00€*
mehna 14.02.2023 Tue./Thu., 5:30pm - 7:00pmB2.1 from 245,00€*
husum 07.02.2023 Tue./Thu., 7:10pm - 8:40pmB2.2 from 245,00€*
eixen 14.02.2023 Tue./Thu., 5:30pm - 7:00pmC1.1 from 245,00€*
balingen 13.02.2023 Mon./Wed., 5:30pm - 7:00pmC1.2 from 245,00€*

Course overview German Saturday classes:

name start time grade price
pahlen 19.02.2023 Saturday, 9:15am - 12:45pmA1.2 from 245,00€*
witten 19.02.2023 Saturday, 9:15 - 12:45 UhrA1.2 from 245,00€*
adlkofen 12.02.2023 Saturday 9:15am - 12:45pmA2.2 from 245,00€*
ockfen 12.02.2023 Saturday, 9:15am - 12:45pmB1.2 from 245,00€*
bedburg 19.02.2023 Saturday, 9:15am - 12:45pmB2.1 from 245,00€*
römhild 12.02.2023 Saturday, 9:15am - 12:45pmB2.2 from 245,00€*
unkel 19.02.2023 Saturday, 9:15am - 12:45pmC1.1 from 245,00€*
stendal 19.02.2023 Saturday, 9:15am - 12:45pmC1.2 from 245,00€*

Course overview German daily courses:

name start time grade price
Dorsten 06.02.2023 Daily: between 09:15am - 12:45pmA1.1 from 540,00€*
Altena 06.02.2023 Daily: between 09:15am - 12:45pmA1.2 from 540,00€*
Rabel 13.02.2023 Daily: between 09:15am - 12:45pmA2.1 from 540,00€*
Prüm 13.02.2023 Daily: between 09:15am - 12:45pmA1.2 from 540,00€*
Naila 06.02.2023 Daily: between 09:15am - 12:45pmB1.1 from 540,00€*
Hofheim 13.02.2023 Daily: between 09:15am - 12:45pmB1.2 from 540,00€*
Haiger 06.02.2023 Daily: between 09:15am - 12:45pmB2.1 from 540,00€*
Potsdam 13.02.2023 Daily: between 09:15am - 12:45pmB2.2 from 540,00€*
Nittel 13.02.2023 Daily: between 09:15am - 12:45pmC1.1 from 540,00€*
Stralsund 13.02.2023 Daily: between 09:15am - 12:45pmC1.2 from 540,00 €*

I had a super fun time doing A2 and B1 with Olga and Rieke. They were both professional and fun to learn from and the information and tips I gleaned from them have helped me a ton in my development. I would recommend anyone to take a course through inlingua they are "am hammersten".

Adam Pauw

(Google Review)

My absolute favorite language school. A very friendly and forthcoming management and very competent and polite trainers make the courses to a success at any time. A special thanks to Dawn for the lessons, which exceded my expectations and which took me much further with my language skills. Anytime again!

(Google Review)

I took the four-hour Saturday German class and had a fantastic experience. The school was very professional and flexible with my schedule. Natalie, my teacher, was kind, patient, constructively critical, and effective in breaking down confusing grammar and concepts. My fellow students were super interesting, people I wanted to befriend, from many different first languages and careers. Given the opportunity, I would study here again in a heartbeat!

Sylvia DeTar

(Google Review)

Which kind of software do I need?

The preparation is as simple as you can imagine. All you need is an efficient computer or mac, as well as broadband internet access. With a webcam, a microphone, speakers or a headset you are perfectly prepared for your lesson. Off you go! For the video-lesson you simply log in our online learning platform. An additional software is not necessary. On the inlingua platform you learn German in live-lessons with our specially trained trainers.

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