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Our online learning tool "my.lab" is the ideal supplement to your classroom training, i.e. the actual language course. With my.lab you have access to the learning platform 365 days a year, around the clock, as and when you want. Whenever you travel, are ill or simply feel like learning outside of classroom hours. Just log in and work on your language goal. This is not only practical and flexible, it's also a lot of fun! my.lab is available for the languages German, English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Tailor made course content. Presented in a varied way.

my.lab provides you with an extensive range of varied exercises, which help you with learning vocabulary, improving language skills and listening comprehension, consolidating grammatical understanding and practicing functional language. On request you can obtain tailor made exercises, which your trainer has created individually for you. Use these additional exercises to increase the training intensity and achieve your goal faster.


my.lab Standard (independent learning): 15 € monthly password fee (for inlingua course participants reduced price) + possibly 25 € enrollment fee

my.lab with a tutor: The trainer creates learning paths especially for you, which are optimally adapted to your requirements. You work through the tasks online and receive your corrections and new tasks from the trainer in a timely manner. This ensures systematic learning progress.
Costs: 15 € monthly password fee + possibly 25 € enrollment fee (for inlingua course participants reduced price) + e.g. 15 € for 15 minutes tutoring per month (time expenditure for the trainer; can be established individually, in order for you to be in control of the monthly costs)

Start with my.lab: anytime - for example on the 01.01.1970 ;-)

Take a look at the combination of my.lab and Lessons in our explanatory video:

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