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inlingua learning material

Learning languages efficiently and in a fun way is easy – with the right learning material! The well thought out inlingua learning and training documents are developed by experts all over the world, especially for the inlingua network, and are not available on the free market. Here, reliable methods and proven knowledge are linked with current findings from language, brain and learning research. And the teaching? Practical, true to life and clear using current topics. This means that ‘inlingualists’ take a direct route to their goal.

inlingua course books

What are you still waiting for – learn your favourite language quickly and easily! The inlingua course books are the ideal companion to your inlingua language training course. You receive clear, current texts, which are specially tailored to the level, language structure, vocabulary and the topic of the course – like a tailor made suit. And everything is self-explanatory and supports the lesson on site. Choose between control exercises, listening comprehension exercises and overviews of the foreign language elements and communication activities and summaries for grammar, vocabulary and language skills. It is that easy. At inlingua.

inlingua Audio-CDs

The pronunciation and repetition of foreign languages is an important part of successful learning. And that is exactly why every inlingua course book has an audio CD, which can be used in the course or to practice at home. Inlingua course participants will receive additional CDs with listening comprehension exercises for the course books 1-3 of the APP programme. Make use of the variety of your senses – that way language learning is fun.