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Best practice is to let native speakers manage the translations

At inlingua you receive professional translations completed by native speakers. And this directly here. inlingua translators are, just like the interpreters, highly qualified and can call on many years of experience in their specific area of expertise and in their language. They are usually employed by the courts and are generally certified or authorized translators

Specialised documents should ideally be translated by the specialists

Be they economic documents, advertising briefs, legal or technical documents – your subject specific texts are in good hands here at inlingua Köln. As the inlingua native speakers have perfected not only their language from the get-go, but also know the topic or theme they are writing about. This is because translating technical, medical or legal documents require a consolidated base expertise and an advertising text also has to reach its target reader in a sharp and catchy manner.

Translations are best done following the four-eyes-check (dual control) principle

Before the finished translations go out to the clients they are always checked in our centre for language and content accuracy and corrected where necessary. The text will only be delivered to the client when this process has successfully been completed. Therefore you have the certainty that the translation is always delivered to you, with the requested quality and mistake free. 

Interpreting is best done by language artisans

Do you need a simultaneous interpreter or a consecutive interpreter for your negotiation, a symposium or a professional workshop? No problem! Our recognized interpreters can call on many years of experience and are obviously committed to confidentiality. Actually, not only high level language competence is required here: A fine, subtle touch and intercultural competence are key factors for a successful interpreter. With this, you can go, fully relaxed, into your event.

We are here for you.

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