You learn languages best from native speakers

The inlingua trainers

inlingua trainers are not only highly professional and didactically trained. They also always have a native speaker level. They have learned to implement the established inlingua language teaching method correctly in teaching, and work with the tried and tested, specially developed inlingua material.

The close cooperation with people requires the trainer to have a great deal of dedication, communication skills, motivational ability and flair, alongside their expertise. We ensure this when selecting our staff. So that you are always in good hands with inlingua.

Every inlingua trainer works according to the following 10 teaching principles:

  1. Only the target language will be spoken in the lesson.
  2. The training main focus is on speaking and listening.
  3. Language patterns are learnt using examples – and not through explanations.
  4. The participants have the opportunity to speak as much as possible.
  5. Individual learning in a relaxed atmosphere is the foundation for success.
  6. Mistakes make you clever. Constructive corrections are always given in the lesson.
  7. Individual prior knowledge is the basis of the training units.
  8. Experimenting with language? Expressly allowed!
  9. A variety of methods motivates and activates the participants.
  10. The books stay closed in the presentation and practice phase.

We are here for you.

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