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TOEFL ® – Test of English as a foreign Language

The Test Of English as a Foreign LanguageTOEFL®, sets global standards for English-language assessment in academic environments and is member of the TOEFL®-product line. The TOEFL® ITP test offers colleges, universities, English-language learning programs and other organizations the opportunity to administer a convenient, affordable and reliable assessment of English-language skills. The TOEFL® ITP test assesses students' proficiency levels in the skill areas of reading and listening comprehensions as well as structure and written expression. The TOEFL® ITP test replaces the paper-based TOEFL® PBT test that was discontinued in 2012. However, it is identically equal to the TOEFL® PBT in format and point scale. Candidates with disabilities have to subscribe 5 (!) weeks in advance and need to indicate it.

Document your English skills - worldwide

You can either take the test directly at inlingua Cologne or attend a preparation course with us beforehand, which will help you to prepare optimally for your TOEFL ITP® test. Our native-speaking trainers specialize in the TOEFL ITP® and will work with you to train not only the language requirements and test situations but also the speed you will need to pass the test successfully. This way, you will go into your exam relaxed and well-equipped.

  • Non-incremental placement test with CEFR mapping (no pass-or-fail-exam)
  • Paper and pencil
  • Administered in authorized TOEFL® ITP test centers
  • Individual test sessions available by appointment

Listening: 50 Multiple-Choice-Fragen in 35 mins
Grammar: 40 Multiple-Choice-Fragen in 25 mins
Reading: 50 Multiple-Choice-Fragen in 55 mins

    A1-C1 in accordance with CEFR

      115 min test duration

      • Evaluation and certification of a student's proficiency level at a specific point in time
      • Placement, progress monitoring and exit test for English-language programs
      • Admission to (under)graduate degree programs and short-term exchange programs (such as Erasmus)
      • The TOEFL® ITP test is not to be confused with the TOEFL® iBT that is mostly used in English-speaking countries
      • Score report with scaled score (310 - 677)
      • Correlation table with CEFR mapping and Can-Do-Statements
      • Certifcate (optional)
      • Score evaluation within 7 working days, excl. postal time
      • Express evaluation on demand

      TOEFL preparation training

      It is possible to join an existing exam preparation course at any time.

      Preparation for the TOEFL test variants Institutional TOEFL (ITP) and Internet-Based TOEFL (IBT)

      English on at least B1 level: please inform yourself beforehand, which TOEFL test, ITP or IBT, is required by your university and which score you have to achieve. According to the score you will be assigned to a language level.

        The preparation class is meant for candidates for both TOEFL test variants.

        Due to the TOEFL ITP not having a "speaking" section, the focus of the class is on the receptive skills such as grammar and structure; "speaking" is automatically trained by the interaction in the group.

        Listening Section (ITP and IBT): depths of the listening texts; global, selective and detailled listening; type of listening texts: conversations, presentations, and discussions; task strategies, time management

        Structure Section (ITP): task strategies, time management, combined training with writing section IBT

        Reading Section (ITP and IBT): depths of the reading texts: global, selective and detailled reading; task strategies and pratice typologies, time management

          Monolingual lessons in the target language, model tasks, group work, roleplays, conversation and speaking practice, test simulations

          Monday and Wednesday, 5.30pm - 7.00pm


          name start time grade price
          TOEFL - preparation course 04.03.2024 Mo. / Wed. 7:10pmB2-C1 250,00€ per month*

          TOEFL preparation training

          For more information on our TOEFL ITP and TOEFL IBT preparation training, please see below.

          Examination dates

          name start time grade price
          TOEFL ITP exam May 25.05.2024 Saturday, 11:00amA1-C1 from 180,00€*
          TOEFL ITP exam June 15.06.2024 Saturday, 11:00amA1-C1 from 180,00€*
          TOEFL ITP exam July 06.07.2024 Saturday, 11:00amA1-C1 from 180,00€*

          *upon consultation 25,00 EUR, only for non-inlingua Köln students


          Simply download the registration form, fill it out and either email it or post it back to us.

          How can I register for a TOEFL ITP® exam or the preparation course?

          We would be happy to answer your questions about exams and our TOEFL ITP® preparation courses on 0221 2575790. Call us – we will make time for you! Or make an appointment for an informative consultation.

          Your contact at inlingua Köln

          Online placement test

          For you and for us it is important to determine your exact language level. With the help of the inlingua placement test we will find out together.

          Placement test