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inlingua school pupil courses for English, French, Spanish and Italy

Holiday and Saturday classes

Our inlingua school holiday classes are ideal for all school pupils who want to use the holidays to improve their language skills. Active speaking and listening comprehension are mainly worked on with a lot of fun and interactive exercises such as role plays or dialogues in small groups of 2 to 4 participants. Grammar is of course also included. However, the grammar theory is not crammed but actively practised by applying it until the students use it intuitively. We offer holiday classes every week in the school holidays.

Courses in the summer holidays 2019 for English, French, Spanish and Italy

name start end time price (€)
1. summer holiday course 15.07.2019 26.07.2019 30 hours 585,-
2. summer holiday course 12.08.2019 23.08.2019 30 hours 585,-

Courses in the autumn holidays for 2019

name start end time price (€)
1. autumn holidays course 14.10.2019 18.10.2019 20 hours 410,-
2. autumn holidays course 21.10.2019 25.10.2019 20 hours 410,-
autumn holidays overall 14.10.2019 25.10.2019 40 hours 780,-

Qualified language learning for school pupils

During our inlingua courses for school pupils we not only help students with their homework but also incorporate suitable exercises so they can internalise and consolidate what they have already learnt. The training includes written exercises but also lots of active speaking to encourage them to master the language in a natural way.

English and French Saturday classes

Dates during the school year on request.

One-to-one training or group classes?

Depending on what you want, both intensive one-to-one training or communicative group training in small groups is possible. Naturally we make sure with the group training that the school pupils are all at the same language level. The small group class takes place once a week in the afternoon from 4pm or later (outside of the school holidays). The school text books as well as/or our own inlingua material are used as training material. Our experienced trainers have taught in public schools in Germany and help school pupils cope with their daily mountain of homework and the associated pressure to perform with a great deal of calm in a relaxed learning atmosphere. Better grades then usually follow of their own accord. Support your child and enjoy better grades and more relaxed children!

Our extra tuition classes for school pupils take place all year round. Give us a call to make an appointment.

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